We got acquainted with Emiko-san in 2011 first via e-mail. After that the Exhibition of the “Great Pacific Ocean of Friendship and Dream” International Art Festival was enriched by her paintings – unusual, full of air, light and inspiration. They testified on a great master who knew some secret and possessed mysterious power which enabled her to bewitch spectators, stop their run and make them peer at her paintings. They are really elegant, lofty and exquisite. Blue, golden, white and red colors in EMIKO HORIMOTO’s works become magic. They bring us to the sky, to the Universe. According to the artist’s will, combination of colors, play on shades and sparkle of light can immerse us in meditation, contemplation of the sea or mountain.

Mrs. EMIKO HORIMOTO’s art makes us kinder and wiser. The artist’s style and technique, her world view and limitless love for people do not separate representatives of different cultures but unite them. In spring 2014, Mrs. EMIKO HORIMOTO with her friends and colleagues from the Happy Science group invited us to Japan. Thirty Far Easterners spent unforgettable days learning achievements of Japan, visiting sights and socializing with young artists and students. One of the most interesting events came to be Exhibition of EMIKO HORIMOTO’s paintings. We are waiting for new meetings with EMIKO-san and are happy to introduce her art to Russian people!

Mrs. EMIKO HORIMOTO was born in Tokyo. She graduated from the Tokyo Woman’s Christian University and Musashino Art Academy. She is President of International Exhibition for Peace (Japan Office) and member of the Japan Artists’ Association. EMIKO HORIMOTO has been exhibiting her art works since 1980. Her paintings became a great event for people of: * Nagoya, Sapporo, Tokyo, Kioto and other cities of Japan (1980 – 2014) * Kosovo (1980, 2003 – 2005), Paris (1980, 1982, 2003 – 2005), New-York (1992) * Switzerland (2010), Korea (2010 – 2011) * Khabarovsk, RF (2012 – 2013). EMIKO HORIMOTO’s paintings were taken into collections of the world’s museums and galleries: The Ssaloniki Museum (Greece), National Gallery of Kosovo (Kosovo), Limlip Art Museum (Korea), Japanese Embassy (Finland), United Nations Office of Geneva (Switzerland), St. Gilles Croix de Vie City Hall (France), Far Eastern State University of Humanities (Russia), Poland Embassy, SAKU Municipal Museum of Modern Art, TAMASHIN Historical Museum, National Cancer Center Hospital East, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University (Japan).

Today EMIKO-san works in the 4D-panorama style. She represents her paintings in the open “Space AO” atelier & gallery and holds excursions, lectures, interviews and other events. She does charity a lot. We are proud of EMIKO HORIMOTO being a Co-Chairman of the International Panel of Judges for our “Ocean of Friendship and Dream” Festival. Her creative activity includes also design and books illustrating, she writes poems – just enter Internet pages and be sure that EMIKO HORIMOTO’s creativity is her life and more!

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