The CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS’ new project named “CULTURAL DIFFERENCE UNITES” goes on to introduce well-known, creative, interesting and bright representatives of different cultures, who share our success and plans – to our friends and participants of the present and future programs. We have started from the story about Mrs. EMIKO HORIMOTO, famous artist and public leader from Japan. Today we would like to tell about a person who is responsible for the unique face and style of our “Ocean of Friendship and Dream” Festival. We are proud that this Festival gave us a wonderful designer – MAIIA ARTEMENKO!

Today Maiia Artemenko seems to have been working with us for a long time, as we have achieved a lot together, and we are to do more. In 2011, the CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS got the President’s grant for holding “the Great Pacific Ocean of Friendship and Dream” International Art Festival. The Festival was lucky, because we were recommended Maiia Artemenko, a talented student of the Arts and Design Faculty, the Far Eastern State University for Humanities. Fifty percent of success was guaranteed! It was our start – both the Festival and our web-site got their own unique style, hundreds of participants and their relatives wonder our Catalogues designed with great love and respect to art works.

Maiia succeeded in uniting cultures of the Far Eastern peoples, Russia, Japan, China, Mongolia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the US and Korea in the one-whole bright image. Thanking to Maya we have learnt that a designer’s work is not only labor and art, it is also a continuing search and creative flight. The project group does much, and its members are responsible for certain aspects. One can say that our Festival has its own “brains”, a “body”, “hands”, but the Ocean of Friendship and Dream Festival heart is Maiia Artemenko.

The CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS NGO works a lot cooperating with partners all over the world. Its projects are successful owing to Maiia’s activity as an artist and designer. Her posters, calendars, booklets, flyers and other information products are original and made on the high professional level. They are also full of emotions, energy and mood. The style of the Uniting Center project is light, serious and pragmatic. Image of the Culture Exchange program is elegant, smart and sophisticated. The Second Ocean of Friendship and Dream Festival image is tender, kind and full of dream. Each new project is a new discovery of Maiia’s creative genius we are waiting for with impatience and expectation of miracle.

Maiia’s partnership with the CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS NGO is one side of her creative work only. She belongs to those responsible and serious people who can’t stop their development and are constantly improving their skills and knowledge. That sounds too great but this young girl has graduated from two higher schools and worked as an Art-director and Director General, and knows foreign languages. If we add that Maya always interests with latest IT-technologies, studies graphic programs and gets other people’s experience, one could see how creative, serious and prospective person works for our Festival.

Certainly, it is impossible to forget about Maiia’s friends and colleagues – Yuliya Tikhonova and Olesya Motorkina, whose assistance, talent and team skills became a bright and necessary contribution in the creative direction of the CHILDREN AND GROWN-UPS NGO. We are happy that Maiia involves her friends in our projects!

And some more features for Maiia Artemenko’s portrait:

1998-2004 – studying at the Far Eastern State University of Means of Communication

2009-2013 – studying at the Far Eastern State University for Humanities

2001-2003 – working as a designer for the Digital Style Studio

2003-2007 – the Data Center Ltd.

2007-2015 – designer, Art-Director, CEO at the Digital Style Studio Directions of the activities: development of digital technologies; image-making; graphic design; advertising.

Knowledge of programs: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and others; web-design and support; work with the MySql databases and hosting.

You can look at Maya Aremenko’s works in the Internet – they are great, and they are only her start up:

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